Franchise & Cooperative Model - Contract & Organic Farming

Market Analysis:

  • India has a significant agriculture sector with high demand for fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and other inputs.
  • The distribution of these products is fragmented and unorganized, presenting an opportunity for a well-organized and efficient distribution system.

Business Model:

  • Establish a central warehouse for procurement and storage of products, sourced directly from manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Distribute products through a network of retail outlets and franchises, targeting farmers and other agriculture stakeholders.
  • Offer franchises to interested individuals and organizations, providing training and support for outlet management.
  • Leverage the economies of scale and brand recognition of the cooperative society.

Supply Chain & Logistics:

  • Establish distribution centers in strategic locations.
  • Use modern transportation technologies and advanced inventory management systems.
  • Ensure timely and efficient delivery of products to retail outlets and franchises.

Financial Projections:

  • Initial investment of INR 50 Crores.
  • Projected revenue for the first year of INR 100 crores, with a net profit of INR 10 crores.
  • Revenue expected to grow at 20% per year, with a net profit margin of 10%.


  • Swaraj Multipurpose Federation of Cooperative Society Ltd’s proposed business plan has significant potential to establish an efficient and well-organized distribution system for fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and other inputs in India.
  • The plan leverages the strengths of the cooperative model to benefit all stakeholders.
  • The plan requires significant investment but has the potential for significant returns in the long run.

About Us

Swaraj Federation was established on 16th August, 2022 was founded by co-operative societies operating in diverse and successful sectors of the Indian economy to function as the apex body of Multipurpose cooperatives in the country.

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