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About Us - Objectives

The main objectives of Swaraj Federation are to provide supply support to the Multipurpose cooperatives and other Member Cooperatives, Business Associates, Distributing Agencies for distribution of consumer goods at reasonable and affordable rates besides rendering technical guidance and assistance to the Multipurpose cooperatives. It acts as the spokesperson of Multipurpose   Cooperatives and provide following services for strengthening cooperative movement in the country:

  • Render technical guidance and assistance to its member institutions in particular, and Multipurpose cooperative societies in general in grading, packaging, standardization, bulk-buying, storing, pricing, account keeping, other business techniques and management methods to improve and increase their operation and management efficiency.
  • Create and promote the formation of cadres of employees for the SWARAJ and member institutions and arrange for their proper training in collaboration with NCUI.
  • Hold seminars, conferences, meetings and to undertake publicity, propaganda and similar other activities as may help the development of Multipurpose cooperative movement in the country.
  • Establish trade connections with manufacturers, their authorized distributors and Suppliers/Dealers including Government agencies and cooperative organization and to undertake purchase, sale and supply.
  • Establish, run or sponsor processing of agricultural commodities like food grains, pulses, spices, tea, oilseeds, etc., and manufacturing units for the production of consumer goods, if necessary, in collaboration with other agencies.
  • Import and Export of agricultural commodities like, food grains, pulses, spices, oilseeds, etc. horticultural products, fresh vegetables and fruits, consumer goods and any other item permissible under import and export policy as when necessary.
  • Secure from the Government or other sources requisite facilities, assistance and financial aid, both for self and for its member institutions.
  • Acquire land, building, warehouse, vehicles, factories, workshops, machinery and equipment for its activities.
  • Coordinate the working of its member institutions with other national level cooperative institutions.
  • Collect and disseminate necessary marketing intelligence for the benefit of its member institutions in particular and Multipurpose cooperative societies in general and to undertake research work and study in connection with the consumer’s cooperative movement.
  • Do all such things and take such steps as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all the objects, in collaboration with other cooperatives, public sector undertaking and other Agencies, if necessary, within and outside the country.
  • Establish testing laboratories for testing of consumer goods in general and making such services available for multipurpose cooperatives in particular.
  • To act as agents of Central/State Government or undertaking/corporation or cooperative institutions or any business enterprises for the purpose of sale, storage and distribution of consumer goods approved by the Board of Directors from time to time entrusted by Central/State Governments.
  • To subscribe to the share capital of other cooperative institution as well as other public sector enterprises as and when considered necessary for fulfilling the objectives of Swaraj Federation.
  • To enter into collaboration with International Agency(s) or Body(s) for undertaking international trade of aforesaid commodities/items and setting up of agricultural & consumer industries.
  • Arrange supplies of various items required by the Central/State Government, Public Sector Undertaking/Cooperative Organizations and others and to undertake job work including infra-structure development like Housing Projects and any other construction work. Laying of roads, transportation, packaging work etc. entrusted by them.
  • To act as C&F Agent of various organizations/companies.
  • To organize cooperative education programs for Members, Directors and employees and to provide funds for this purpose.
  • To arrange providing of products related services to the domestic as well as foreign buyers and consumers including setting up of hospitals, hotels and collaborating with the enterprises in joint ventures in the service sector.
  • To solicit/procure insurance business as a corporate agent and/or in association of any insurance company/joint venture insurance company in the country.

About Us

Swaraj Federation was established on 16th August, 2022 was founded by co-operative societies operating in diverse and successful sectors of the Indian economy to function as the apex body of Multipurpose cooperatives in the country.

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