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About Us - Organization


The vision underpinning the efforts of the Swaraj Multipurpose Federation of Cooperative Society Ltd include:

  • Giving exposure to the co-operative model of business through the generation of new ideas and aiding the setting up of co-operatives in new sectors of the Maltese economy.
  • Establishing a knowledge-based co-operative movement, willing to learn and share information and research.
  • Promoting good co-operative and business practice throughout its member base, whilst encouraging the principle of self-regulation.
  • Helping to create wealth through exploring ways of co-operatives working together on new or existing ventures.
  • Working and co-operating with other organizations which recognize the potential in co-operative businesses.
  • Setting up and maintaining effective networks with co-operative organizations outside India.
  • Socio economic up-liftmen of farmers and rural population at large.
  • Providing services to  farmers to get best market prices.
  • Export &  import  of agricultural produce and other inputs.
  • Conducting research in professionalizing all area of objectives.
  • Facilitating farmers to receive education, training and in their skill development.


The vision underpinning the efforts of the Swaraj Multipurpose Federation of Cooperative Society Ltd include:

Its main objectives are to:

  • Represent and be a united voice of the India Co-operative Movement both nationally and in international forums.
  • Promote the co-operative model to the general public as a viable form of democratic member controlled enterprise.
  • Provide services to its member societies including training and consultancy services, and hand-holding for start-up co-operatives.
  • Offer member co-operative societies real opportunities to network and synergies together, both nationally and internationally;
  • Provide an open forum for its member co-operatives in which ideas on achieving best practice are discussed and encouraged.

To Promote:

  • Agricultural and Allied activities.
  • Inputs/Seed production & distribution.
  • Interest of farmers, consumers and the common man.
  • Strive for reasonable  market prices to consumers through price support/market interventions by setting up/acquiring/ membership in commodity exchange,& Import/Export agencies.
  • Horticulture, floriculture, ornamental plants and non-conventional agricultural crops, social forestry & herbal crops and such other ancillary activities at its own or in association with Members/ Business Associates.

Procurement & Supply:

  • Various Agricultural & Non-Agricultural produce.
  • Horticultural &  Farm Forest produce.
  • Aqua, Seafood, Dairy & Animal products.
  • Grain Seeds
  • Minerals
  • Farm inputs,  agricultural machinery &  implements, other agriculture related Inputs/Outputs.

Provide Support of Test Labs:

  • Through IT network and disseminate  information on weather forecast.
  • By developing access to Mandis & Market places by setting up transportation network.
  • As an agent for providing goods and services of all kind to farmers/consumers and to undertake such other activities which are conducive and incidental there.

About Us

Swaraj Federation was established on 16th August, 2022 was founded by co-operative societies operating in diverse and successful sectors of the Indian economy to function as the apex body of Multipurpose cooperatives in the country.

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